Using The New OEPF Website

Why a new website?

While there are many technical reasons for all our efforts creating this new website, it is far more important to realize that the Optometric Extension Program Foundation has greater aspirations to use our website as a technical advantage to improve efficiencies and streamline our organization.

There have been many fun surprises in this process as we updated the OEPF website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8, once again, sorry for any inconvenience.

Helpful Hints

Following are some hints to help you transition from the old to the NEW!

At this time, very few of you have an account on our new website, create your account to save your place for the future.

If you plan on ordering from our online store you will be required to login if you have an account or create an account before checking out.

If for some reason, after you have created and confirmed your new account, you can always use your email to reset a new password.


The old OEPF "accounts" were in  multiple places and will be maintained in the same manner until those features can be incorporated into our new website. Sorry, but if your account was created there and you have forgotten your password or username you will have to request a new one. Let us know using the contact form on this page.

Our Clinical Associates can be mapped in our Find an Optometrist section. Check the Map and let us know if you are located properly. (Registered Clinical Associates should be found) Let us know if you find errors using the form on the page.

If you have attended or registered for a course the course materials can be found by logging in with the username and password provided to you. To login go to

Next Steps

The new website was launched on September 12th and we are making continuous improvements as we plan the next phase of the project.

We are currently planning to migrate the Clinical Curriculum and Find an Optometrist systems, integrating these functions into the website. Once the technical plan is confirmed we will provide more information.