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  • About The 2nd Doctor:Dr. Penrod is residency-trained in pediatric optometry and has a great amount of experience in vision therapy and vision rehabilitation, syntonic phototherapy, functional neurology, and sensory integration. She has been integral in helping create and produce the training materials needed for the Brain-Based Optometric Toolbox (BBOT) Master Class and uses it in her work at Arizona Vision Therapy Center. She is proud of her strong work ethic and desire to understand the root cause of her patients' concerns.
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  • 2nd Doctor’s Name:Haley Penrod, OD
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  • About the Doctor:Dr. Thomas has been practicing the art and science of neurocognitive optometry since 2005. She is the founder of Arizona Vision Therapy Center in Tucson, Arizona. She has also created the Brain-Based Optometric Toolbox (BBOT) Master Class to help teach her colleagues how to quickly and easily prescribe the lenses and therapies that combine concepts from neuro-optometry, syntonic phototherapy, functional neurology, functional medicine, neuropsychology, sensory integration, iridology, acupressure, and many more fields. She believes that for best treatment results, you need to treat the entire patient and work from the root source of the problem.
  • Doctor’s Name:Amy Thomas, OD, FCOVD
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    We specialize in patients of all ages and abilities.  Our main services include the following for brain development and rehabilitation through vision: therapeutic lenses, syntonic phototherapy, vision therapy/rehabilitation, laser therapy, sensory learning therapy, structural energetic therapy, ionic footbath, and nutrition support.

    Q What is a typical program offered in your practice?

    We have a list and description of all of the available programs in our practice on our website:

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